Cosmetic Acupuncture

What doctors at the Teeraporn Clinic in Bangkok found was a massive infection on Guang’s head. “It hurt a lot and I could move it around under my skin,” Guang says of the lump. In order to combat the infection, surgeons made a small incision in the top of Guang’s forehead to provide an exit route for what ended up being a significant amount of thick, oozing pus. (If that brief description alone already has you gagging, then you should absolutely not watch the very graphic video of the removal process. Go take a walk. Make some coffee. Adopt a rescue dog on . It doesn’t matter — just don’t watch the video below.) “The patient came to us after having the filler injection surgery in her forehead,” a spokesperson for the clinic where Guang sought help said. “This had become infected and her forehead was very soft and left marks when it was touched. We removed it and made her forehead look beautiful again.” Fortunately, Guang is doing just fine after the removal.

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