Pekingacupuncture june17 maxb 67 nwsatd But after one treatment, he was cured,” Nancy says today. “He was hooked. We both began reading and researching, and eventually traveled to Hong Kong to study at the Chinese Acupuncture Institute.” It was in 1982 that they moved to Houston, where they expected the city’s large Chinese population to form their client base; ironically, the great majority of their patients over the years have been of non-Asian descent. In ’85, they co-wrote a book, Everything You Want to Know About Acupuncture. But during that era, “We had to be sponsored by a doctor to perform treatments. There was so much red tape,” says Nancy. “If a doctor didn’t sign off on a procedure, you could go to jail.” The Lings and six other acupuncturists sued the Texas Medical Board in the early ’90s, helping to pave the way for the creation of the Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners, in 1993. With their accreditation, they could finally practice independently in Texas. Today, there are clinics all over town, and at theirs, the Lings use acupuncture to help Houstonians with pain management, nicotine addiction, weight loss, and a host of other ailments. In their waiting room, a map is dotted with hundreds, if not thousands, of pins marking more than 40 countries, all places from which their clients have traveled to visit the Lings for treatment.

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