Facial Cupping

He offers clients a facial massage of sorts, coupled acupuncture santa pola with cupping therapy to increase circulation. Gary Goldenberg , M.D., medical director of the Dermatology Faculty Practice at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, tells SELF you should take a pass on this trend. “This is a terrible idea and will only cause wrinkles,” he says. Here’s why: Repetitive muscle contractions cause your skin to wrinkle (think: the two lines that show up on your forehead from furrowing your brow or crows feet from narrowing your eyes). Regularly giving your facial muscles a “workout” will only speed up the process, increasing the chances you’ll get wrinkles sooner. Goldenberg says you might see temporary results from facial workouts if your muscles hypertrophy (i.e. they get bigger, stretching out your skin), but he points out that the results won’t last. “This effect is temporary and will only produce more wrinkles and make wrinkles you already have worse,” he says. But New York City dermatologist Doris Day , M.D., author of the upcoming book Skinfluence, tells SELF that there are some facial exercises you can do that will help—you just have to be smart about the ones you choose. Your muscles are attached to your skin and pull it in different directions, she explains. “As people age, they have very bad facial posture—they tend to furrow brows, purse lips, and kind of implode on themselves,” she says.

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